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Need a break from the daily grind?  Never fear, the girls from Trolleyed are here!  Grab your coffee, and click away on some of these links.  But please, if you do discover some belly button fluff while you are navel gazing, keep it to yourself.  One librarian in the Guinness Book of Records for that particular collection is more than enough.

And remember that comments are love…..show the love people!


Here are a couple of innovative ideas for bringing the library to the people.  What are your thoughts?  Reckon it’d work at the local Countdown?

Books & language

  • Out of Print Clothing – if you don’t want to go as far as the tattoo (see above) – you could just buy the t-shirt.  My personal fave is the Pride & Prejudice t-shirt.

Fun & cool stuff

  • I love this literal movie trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – be careful Harry!

Source: A Fuse #8 Production


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O is for awesome.

Use it in a sentence: What do you get when you cross Grover with Old Spice Guy? An awesome video…

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