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O is for awesome.

Use it in a sentence: What do you get when you cross Grover with Old Spice Guy? An awesome video…


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No, I need True Mud, ya muppet

True Blood meets Sesame Street – what’s not to love?  It does seem to be missing a certain something.  Oh, I know – Eric.

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A lot has happened in our little corner of the world since our last post.  Thankfully, we are all still here, safe and sound, and I think we all have a new-found respect for Mother Nature.

The trolley sustained very little damage – my life-size cardboard cut-out of Jensen Ackles fell over, and the glass broke in Rachael’s photo of Angelo, but other than that – all is well.  We have restocked our emergency kit, refilled the large plastic containers with wine, replenished the supplies of chocolate and we are ready to rock on!  Hmmm, maybe a bad choice of words.

Contrary to popular opinion on my Facebook page, I have found time to look at other things on the interweb other than www.geonet.org.nz.  Here are some goodies for you, to take your mind off the aftershocks.

Science & environment
Books and reading


What I would like to know is how on earth do you first find out that you are really talented at creating tiny little sculptures on a pencil tip?


Fun stuff


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Library – The Game!

Ooh, look what I just found on my LISNews feed! Order in the Library is an online game in which you pretend you’re a library assistant.

So, if you get the need to shelf-check but you’re at home and your bookshelf is already in pristine order, now you can do it in virtual reality! Or, if RFID means we really won’t be doing any more returns, you can always turn to this game to get your fix.

You get certificates as you complete each level. Maybe we should hold a staff competition?

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This one pretty much does what it says on the box. If you ask me, it’s a better mash-up than zombies and sea monsters combined!

Sourced via Mo-Mo on the CCL blog.

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