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Denis Dutton 1944-2010

I was going to include a link to this great video in my next round-up, but on hearing that Denis Dutton died yesterday, I thought I would devote an entire post to it.

You can purchase Dutton’s book here and here, or you can borrow it from Christchurch City Libraries. Also worth a look are Dutton’s personal website, and of course, Arts & Letters Daily.

Happy holidays, to those of you who are still enjoying them, and I’ll see the rest of you back in the library tomorrow.


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Christmas on the Beach

We don’t want no holly or mistletoe
We don’t want no Christmas tree with artificial snow
We don’t want no snowman made of cotton wool
We’re not a bunch of fools

Christmas on the beach
Christmas on the beach
Pack your picnic hamper up
We’re gonna have a feast
Underneath the huge Pohutukawa tree
Christmas on the beach
Christmas on the beach!

Meri Kirihimete everyone, from the Trolleyed girls!

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Friday 10th December was Melvil Dewey’s 159th birthday (apologies for the lateness Melvil, we were busy shelf checking).

This from the OCLC website:

Melville Louis Kossuth Dewey was born on December 10, 1851 to a poor family who lived in a small town in upper New York state. Keenly interested in simplified spelling, he shortened his first name to Melvil as a young adult, dropped his middle names and, for a short time, even spelled his last name as Dui.

He was just 21 when he developed the Dewey Decimal Classification system we still use to this day.  Thanks Melvil!  Our libraries wouldn’t look the same without you.

Thanks to LISNews for the heads up and links.

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Okay. First up, here’s a confession – it’s been two months since my last round-up. Be kind – there was an earthquake, and then I moved house, then I assistant directed a very successful children’s play, then I got a pet duckling, and then I got a shiny new cellphone to play with! Yeah, I’m not buying it either. Without any further ado, here’s what’s been keeping me entertained online…




Just Plain Cool!

And finally…
…because that’s what it’s all about.


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An excellent article by Dr Joyce Valenza Manifesto for 21st Century School Librarians 

The article is aimed at school libraries and librarians, but the points raised apply to all libraries, and should be required reading for all of us.  Your thoughts?  Comments?  How well do we measure up?

Thanks to the Bright Ideas blog for this link.

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Gotta Keep Reading

This was originally Skype-d to Oprah, who donated heaps of new books to this school library. Talk about a feel good story! Also: I love group dancing.

Sourced via Jo, who watches Oprah. 😉

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Aurora australis over Wellington, November 2001. Photo taken by Paul Moss.

@TeAra has tweeted about a possible Aurora australis tonight. According to the Stuff website a “wave of super solar charged gas is expected to reach New Zealand later today“.

For some reason I now have Glen Campbell’s Southern Nights (yes, I am showing my age, just be thankful that’s all I’m showing) playing in my head, except it sounds more like: Southern Lights, have you ever seen those Southern Lights, just like a da da de da da, de da da de da da…. (never was very good with remembering lyrics).

Anyway, head outside later tonight and look to the heavens, it may just be really pretty.

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