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My goodness, I’ve been trying to publish this post for AGES! Silly things keep getting in the way like, aftershocks and rehearsals for a play which opens tomorrow night! So, here are a bunch of links which I’ve been hoarding for your pleasure. Enjoy!

Facebook and Social-networking

    • Visualising Friendships – a world map created using links between people who know eachother on Facebook. via GRP
  • Libraries and librarians

  • Steampunk

  • Funny/cute

  • WikiLeaks

    • HaikuLeaks via bb. Haikus everywhere / If only you look for them / Throughout Wikileaks. (You see what I did there?! Via BB)
  • Art and design

    • Photoshop Disasters via bb. Oops, sloppy graphics! It’s fun working out what is wrong with each picture.
      Jellybean bikes – it’s so much fun designing your own bike! Can’t remember source, sorry!
  • RFID/Technology

    • Spacelog gives original transcripts for space missions. Geek out! Can’t recall source, sorry.
  • Books

  • And finally, from one of our newest followers we have How to Borrow a Person from the Library. Thanks, Laura!

    Sources… BB, @DavidFarrier, GRP, RS, LISNews, RWW, Google Blog, TTW.

    Edited to fix up all the broken links… cough cough


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    Wellington Libraries Concession cards

    Court Says Internet Filtering in Public Libraries Not Censorship

    Marian the Cybrarian – Advice – The Chronicle of Higher Education

    Librarian’s guide to gaming

    Are catalogues more than an inventory? Or, more than just a place to query library holdings?

    The Survey of Academic Librarians: Opinion of the Usefulness of Certain Library Technologies (2010)

    Facebook & other privacy matters

    10 Things You Need To Know About Today’s Facebook Privacy Changes

    How Facebook’s New Privacy Controls Work

    ReclaimPrivacy.org | Facebook Privacy Scanner

    5 options for Facebook privacy

    Books and authors – adults

    Tyra Banks Tries Hand at Fantasy Novels – ABC News

    Books and authors – young adults and children

    Booklist Online – Top 10 SF/Fantasy for Youth: 2010, by Ian Chipman (FEATURE)

    School resources

    Echuca College eLearning Wiki | Bright ideas

    ClassChats – connect with others classrooms around the world

    Gale Access My Library School Edition

    Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’: MJ in the Scholarly Literature: A Selected Bibliographic Guide


    Unusual Words

    Art & Design

    Imeüble 2.5 dimension shelf system by Bjørn Jørund Blikstad ” Yanko Design

    Archive Library Lets You Roll Your Books Home | Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World

    Techy/RFID stuff

    Take a Minute to Collect Your Thoughts With Evernote – ProfHacker – The Chronicle of Higher Education

    Sensor RFID Apps of the Future Part One

    Web Browsers Leave ‘Fingerprints’ Behind as You Surf the Net …


    48 Hour Magazine

    Cool stuff, fun stuff, and stuff that didn’t fit elsewhere

    Fake BP Public Relations Twitter Account a Viral Hit [INTERVIEW]

    “Sex and the City 2”: The 60-Second Version [VIDEO]

    YouTube – Matthew Reinhart Builds a Dragonwatch this and tell me you don’t smile at the face at the end

    Brontë Sisters Power Dolls – NeverEndingSearch – Blog on School Library Journal

    Fake Science (The volcano is my personal favourite -Sarah)

    Stunning time-lapse video of Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland, in action – Boing Boing

    Mr. Picassohead – go on, you know you want to

    Woman startled by demonic face on canned pear, wants recompense from company – Boing Boing – a New Zealand woman’s 15 minutes of fame

    One Across – Search for Crossword Puzzle Answers – Solve Crossword Puzzles Online, Find Anagrams, Cryptogram Help, Take the Crossword Purity Test

    A Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette

    Star Wars trilogy retold in 2 minutes, 13 seconds using LEGOs – Boing Boing

    Ghostbusters improv in the NY Public Library

    Book Review Finder: Bookulating Suggest-O-Mometer — BlueRectangle.com

    Design the Haggis Beast competition winners – Boing Boing

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