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I was going to get super-up-to-date online while convalescing at the farm after my wisdom teeth removal, but of course, that didn’t happen. Never mind, here’s what’s been keeping me entertained while I’ve been healing.




  • BBC – Dimensions – What a brilliant resource! Great for students. I like putting the Colossus at Rhodes in Cathedral Square. Via RS.
  • LRIS Portal – Environment and Land Data from Landcare Research. For sciencey folk needing NZ info. Via RS.

Fun or Funny

I’ve tried to remember where I sourced this info for you (in the little via:xx) but I didn’t record my path every time. Sometimes it was also straight from my RSS feed, so there was no need. I’ll try to get more diligent with my resources!

See you tomorrow!


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Ah, there’s so much to look at online, isn’t there? Here’s what’s been catching my eye this week…

  • Check out this huge panoramic map of London in 1845. It’s presented Google Maps style and is really easy to navigate. (Sourced via BB)
  • What is Book Futurism? Have a look at the Book Futurism Manifesto. I think libraries are going down the same path. (Sourced via RS)
  • Oooops! Imagine cleaning up this mess!
  • The IFLA World Report 2010. The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions have released this interesting report on internet use in libraries, which includes New Zealand.
  • And just for fun… Ever wanted to learn how to swear in a foreign language? YouSwear to the rescue! Warning: I was Web Marshalled when looking at this site on the desk. (Sourced via LH)

This Rachael RoundUp has been brought to you by the letter F and the number 3.

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GlamourPuss – a book about wigs for your cat
Smell of old books offers clues on how to restore them
Facts about Dan Brown’s hero, Robert Langdon
Deckle edging on books – yay or nay?
Best and worst book covers of 2009
One Drawing for Every Page of Moby Dick
One Drawing for Every Page of Moby Dick
Ode to books (vs e-readers)

Apparently this sign was necessary

How a web design goes straight to hell
Handy mnemonics
Do Nothing But Read Day – but wait, isn’t that what it means to work in a library?
Google Goggles – a very cool new tool from Googs
ALA’s great websites for kids
OverDrive’s digital bookmobile
Webservices described as old school paperback covers
8 ways to kill an idea

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