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My goodness, I’ve been trying to publish this post for AGES! Silly things keep getting in the way like, aftershocks and rehearsals for a play which opens tomorrow night! So, here are a bunch of links which I’ve been hoarding for your pleasure. Enjoy!

Facebook and Social-networking

    • Visualising Friendships – a world map created using links between people who know eachother on Facebook. via GRP
  • Libraries and librarians

  • Steampunk

  • Funny/cute

  • WikiLeaks

    • HaikuLeaks via bb. Haikus everywhere / If only you look for them / Throughout Wikileaks. (You see what I did there?! Via BB)
  • Art and design

    • Photoshop Disasters via bb. Oops, sloppy graphics! It’s fun working out what is wrong with each picture.
      Jellybean bikes – it’s so much fun designing your own bike! Can’t remember source, sorry!
  • RFID/Technology

    • Spacelog gives original transcripts for space missions. Geek out! Can’t recall source, sorry.
  • Books

  • And finally, from one of our newest followers we have How to Borrow a Person from the Library. Thanks, Laura!

    Sources… BB, @DavidFarrier, GRP, RS, LISNews, RWW, Google Blog, TTW.

    Edited to fix up all the broken links… cough cough


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    Need a break from the daily grind?  Never fear, the girls from Trolleyed are here!  Grab your coffee, and click away on some of these links.  But please, if you do discover some belly button fluff while you are navel gazing, keep it to yourself.  One librarian in the Guinness Book of Records for that particular collection is more than enough.

    And remember that comments are love…..show the love people!


    Here are a couple of innovative ideas for bringing the library to the people.  What are your thoughts?  Reckon it’d work at the local Countdown?

    Books & language

    • Out of Print Clothing – if you don’t want to go as far as the tattoo (see above) – you could just buy the t-shirt.  My personal fave is the Pride & Prejudice t-shirt.

    Fun & cool stuff

    • I love this literal movie trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – be careful Harry!

    Source: A Fuse #8 Production

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    O is for awesome.

    Use it in a sentence: What do you get when you cross Grover with Old Spice Guy? An awesome video…

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    No, I need True Mud, ya muppet

    True Blood meets Sesame Street – what’s not to love?  It does seem to be missing a certain something.  Oh, I know – Eric.

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    A lot has happened in our little corner of the world since our last post.  Thankfully, we are all still here, safe and sound, and I think we all have a new-found respect for Mother Nature.

    The trolley sustained very little damage – my life-size cardboard cut-out of Jensen Ackles fell over, and the glass broke in Rachael’s photo of Angelo, but other than that – all is well.  We have restocked our emergency kit, refilled the large plastic containers with wine, replenished the supplies of chocolate and we are ready to rock on!  Hmmm, maybe a bad choice of words.

    Contrary to popular opinion on my Facebook page, I have found time to look at other things on the interweb other than www.geonet.org.nz.  Here are some goodies for you, to take your mind off the aftershocks.

    Science & environment
    Books and reading


    What I would like to know is how on earth do you first find out that you are really talented at creating tiny little sculptures on a pencil tip?


    Fun stuff


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    I was going to get super-up-to-date online while convalescing at the farm after my wisdom teeth removal, but of course, that didn’t happen. Never mind, here’s what’s been keeping me entertained while I’ve been healing.




    • BBC – Dimensions – What a brilliant resource! Great for students. I like putting the Colossus at Rhodes in Cathedral Square. Via RS.
    • LRIS Portal – Environment and Land Data from Landcare Research. For sciencey folk needing NZ info. Via RS.

    Fun or Funny

    I’ve tried to remember where I sourced this info for you (in the little via:xx) but I didn’t record my path every time. Sometimes it was also straight from my RSS feed, so there was no need. I’ll try to get more diligent with my resources!

    See you tomorrow!

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    Books from Blogs

    I’ve been reading some hilarious books which have grown out of blogs and websites. It’s interesting that the internet is feeding print media rather than killing it – at least in one way!

    Does what it says on the box
    Stuff White People Like is exactly what it sounds like. There’s something terrifyingly accurate about the stuff Christian Lander describes in here. Turns out I’m not unique in my love for fair-trade coffee and t-shirts from Threadless – it’s because I’m white. It’s also why I love Arrested Development, hummus, wine and dinner parties. I’m not sure if this book is racist or not.

    It's just so... awkward
    Awkward Family Photos is another aptly titled book/blog. You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe, you’ll want to go through your own family photos to find the most awkward. My favourites include the donkeys getting it on the the fuzzy background of a loving portrait of a middle aged couple and the classic where the little girl has peed her pants. If you’re in need of a belly-laugh, grab this book.

    Trouble making at its finestDavid Thorne is known as the number one internet trouble maker around. His email exchanges are hilarious – you just wouldn’t want to be on the end of his scathing wit. Having paid my fair share of over due fines myself, I think my favourite chapter would be the one where he tries to pay off his fines at the video store with a picture of a seven legged spider (that’s him on the cover). Do not make this man angry, you will not win an argument with him!

    So, have you read any cool blogs lately? Reckon they’d make good books?

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