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My goodness, I’ve been trying to publish this post for AGES! Silly things keep getting in the way like, aftershocks and rehearsals for a play which opens tomorrow night! So, here are a bunch of links which I’ve been hoarding for your pleasure. Enjoy!

Facebook and Social-networking

    • Visualising Friendships – a world map created using links between people who know eachother on Facebook. via GRP
  • Libraries and librarians

  • Steampunk

  • Funny/cute

  • WikiLeaks

    • HaikuLeaks via bb. Haikus everywhere / If only you look for them / Throughout Wikileaks. (You see what I did there?! Via BB)
  • Art and design

    • Photoshop Disasters via bb. Oops, sloppy graphics! It’s fun working out what is wrong with each picture.
      Jellybean bikes – it’s so much fun designing your own bike! Can’t remember source, sorry!
  • RFID/Technology

    • Spacelog gives original transcripts for space missions. Geek out! Can’t recall source, sorry.
  • Books

  • And finally, from one of our newest followers we have How to Borrow a Person from the Library. Thanks, Laura!

    Sources… BB, @DavidFarrier, GRP, RS, LISNews, RWW, Google Blog, TTW.

    Edited to fix up all the broken links… cough cough


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    Ever wondered what you call a group of gnomes?  Or the correct term for a collection of archangels?  Don’t you just wish you had a handy chart to look up stuff like this?  Once again, we at Trolleyed are here to help.  Read on, dear Reader, read on.

    Books & authors

    • A couple of great posts on Scott Westerfeld’s blog recently.  The first one, Genre Cooties, addresses some of the negative press that steampunk had been attracting.  However it was this quote that really resounded with me:

    THIS is why I don’t write for adults. Their heads are all full of genre cooties and “Taj Mahal? Nah, don’t like tombs.” Whereas a kid will come home from the library with a mystery, an sf novel, an autobiography, and three books about sharks. That’s how kids read, and when something’s cool and fun and awesome (or weird and gnarly and thought-provoking)

    That got me thinking….why do we lose that open minded attitude to books?  We do tend to get set in our ways, and in the types of books we read.  So, how do we change it?  How do we challenge ourselves to be less adult (and boring) and more child-like in our selection of books?

    • Scott’s second post French Steampunkery is about his visit to Machines of the Isle in Nantes, France.  This photos in this post had me squeeing with delight.  The steampunk creations are just magnificent.  The elephant is awesometastic.



    • This may have already been included in a previous Roundup, but if so, it deserves to be included again…The Usable Library (via Librarian in Black)
    • YALSA (The Young Adult Library Services Association) now has an official research journal.  The journal is open access and is peer-reviewed.  It is sure to be a useful resource for those working and studying in the CYA area.

    Techy/interwebby stuff

    • Google’s 20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web – this is full of useful answers to all sorts of computer stuff (y’know – all that stuff that you were too afraid to ask anyone in case it made you look stupid).  I love the presentation too – very nice.


    • This is just so heart warming.  Go on, click on it…it’s worth it.  You’ll smile, trust me.
    • And last, but definitely not least….a very handy chart for you to print out and stick on your fridge.  A list of the collective nouns for supernatural beings (and my apologies, I can’t remember the source for this chart).  My personal favourites are a lawn of gnomes, and that The Borg is just that – The Borg.  Not so sure about a fondle of unicorns  though.

    Click to make biggerer



    Boing Boing

    Librarian in Black




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    Books & Reading

    The making of a book cover Make sure you watch this full screen and with the sound on, the music is pretty cool.
    Only the worst Sci-fi/Fantasy book covers
    For Love Of Do-Good Vampires: A Bloody Book List Be sure to scroll down to the end of the article and have a look through the list.  Be aware that some of these may not be appropriate for a young teen audience.
    Tables of vampire traits
    How to read Sci-Fi
    Discover Literary Oddities in the Weird Book Room on AbeBooks
    Gail Carriger (author) on Steampunk (believe it or not, I restrained myself in giving you Steampunk info – R)
    Steampunk: 20 Core Titles
    Five Thoughts On The Popularity Of Steampunk

    Young Adult & Children
    ALA | Alex Awards -A handy resource that lists books that have been written for adults but have been eagerly snapped up by teens too. Have a check back through the previous years lists too. Books & reading – adults & young adults
    Librarian’s Guide to Manga
    GUYS READ Suitable for children as well.
    Overview of YA social-media use | Pew Internet & American Life Project

    Open Library – A webpage for every book… ever.
    New York Library sorting machine
    Art Brodsky: Our Public Library Lifeline Is Fraying. We’ll Be Sorry If It Snaps
    Camp Library (Should have remembered this one for ANZAC day!)
    Circulating Libraries and Video Rental Stores
    Why Libraries Exist
    Do you use your local library?

    The Three Simple C’s of Librarianship
    Privacy Revolution -Choose privacy – American Library Association   Librarians in the Movies
    Confessions of a Book Pirate
    Best and Worst Jobs 2010 – The Wall Street Journal – Will Librarian make the grade? 

    Authors and Fans
    Yoko Ono Collects Rare Books:
    Famous Literary drunks and addicts
    The single mother’s manifesto | J.K. Rowling

    RFID tagged cows start tweeting
    Cattle rustling and RFID
    When a Wine Loves a Robot (RFID)
    10 Technology Ideas Your Library Can Implement Next Week
    Facebook as a library tool
    International Twittering Libraries

    The Alot is Better Than You at Everything

    Funny and Videos
    Which font? I’m looking at you, Leonie.
    President Accused of Theft, Failing to Pay Massive Library Fines
    YouTube – Your Life Work: The Librarian
    YouTube – Gorilla Librarian
    YouTube – Sesame Street: Cookie Monster In The Library
    Typo of the day for librarians

    History and Art Resources
    Art: 21 | Bright ideas  -Excellent resource for art teachers History & Art Resources
    Virtual Tour of the Sistine Chapel
    3D tour of the secret annex
    Vincent van Gogh The Letters

     School Resources
    Free Technology for Teachers: Animated Web Search Tutorials -Four very accessible animated tutorials covering the credibility of information found on the web, the research process, how search engines function and how to avoid plagiarism.
    MLHU Section List Canadian Sexual Education game – WARNING: contains male genitalia in cartoon form.

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